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Edition 2019 /1
Dear KAS-Partners and Friends of KAS,
The first half of 2019 was exciting in South Africa. Social and political spheres were mainly shaped by the 6th democratic national and provincial elections. Despite a significant loss in votes, the African National Congress (ANC) is the clear winner of these 8 May elections. President Ramaphosa received a five-year mandate to pull the country out of its economic doldrums. The next months will show whether the 57.5% of votes cast in favour of the ANC grant Ramaphosa enough power to marginalize his party opponents, some of which have an undesirable and corrupt reputation even within their own party. Throughout these developments, KAS and our partners have energetically promoted democracy and sustainable development. As in the past, this regular newsletter cordially invites you to take a look at a selection of our projects. A more detailed overview is available on our comprehensive summary page. It offers background information on the elections and the political parties in South Africa, event reports and publications as downloads, analyses of the election results as well as media articles. For more information and regular updates in English and German, please visit our website at www.kas.de/web/suedafrika and like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/KasSouthAfrica

Content of this Newsletter:

Highlight events from January to June 2019
Current and upcoming events
Research and analyses by KAS South Africa
Our partners in South Africa

Highlight Activities: January to June 2019
Promoting Democracy - Good Governance - Rule of Law - Constitutionalism - Human Rights - International Dialogue & Regional Integration - Social Market Economy - Climate Protection & Sustainable Development - Social Cohesion & Nation Building - Civic Education & Political Trainings
Leaders or laggards: The role of the elective ten in the UN Security Council
15.05.2019 - Johannesburg
The Foreign Policy Forum is a series of six roundtables each dedicated to a particular theme in relation to South Africa's membership of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) during 2019-2020. The overarching theme is the role of regional powers in global affairs, characterized by a return of great power politics and erosion of multilateralism. In this second roundtable, organized among others by KAS and the WITS University´s Department of International Relations, the discussion focused on how larger regional powers can shape and influence the UNSC agenda given the privileged position of the permanent members. A keynote speech introduced the concept of reluctance in the geopolitical context.
read the report, research papers and media coverage
Africa Forum: Migration and South African Policies
19.02.2019 - Johannesburg
KAS, together with the South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional Public, Human Rights & International Law (SAIFAC), hosted this event. The first out of a series, this event placed the spotlight on challenges faced by African countries. International and South African experts discussed the topics of African refugees, migration and, in particular, the adequacy of South Africa’s policies and systems in this regard.
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In the run up of the 2019 elections

April 2019 - Cape Town
In the run-up to the 2019 national and provincial elections in South Africa, KAS hosted a roundtable with the Center for Unity in Diversity (CUD), followed by an event with the Dullah Omar Institute (DOI), where the implications of the current political developments and party prospects were unpacked.
read more on these events with CUD and DOI
Business meets politics
05.-07.03.2019 - Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town
KAS and the Southern African German Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a series of pre-election talks in three major cities to bring politicians together with representatives of civil society and the private sector.
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Annual F.W. de Klerk Conference
01.02.2019 - Cape Town
It is often said that South Africa’s challenges and problems can be summed up in the trilogy of poverty, inequality and unemployment. This year´s annual conferenceof the F.W. de Klerk Foundation in cooperation with KAS was devoted to address inequality.
read the report and speeches
Youth Indaba
12.-13.06.2019 - Durban
Tackling Youth unemployment and identity: As South Africa commemorated Youth Month, the close KAS partner Democracy Development Program (DDP) brought together 200 young people for the 4th Annual Youth Indaba to discuss issues affecting young people.
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Digital democracy vs. digital dictatorship
17.04.2019 - Johannesburg
KAS in cooperation with the South African Institute for International Affairs (SAIIA) and the Center for African Management and Markets (CAMM) hosted this panel discussion. It analyzed the use of social media and the balance between positive aspects like the ability to foster transparency between citizens and the government, and negative ones such as propaganda and misuse connected to social media in recent years.
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Afrobarometer 2018/2019 survey results
05.03./16.05.2019 - Durban/Bloemfontein
Together with its partner the Justice and Reconciliation Institute (IJR), KAS hosted these release events of topical survey results. The surveys focused on South African´s perceptions of the country´s economic conditions and overall direction as well as on trust in the judiciary, access to justice and judicial autonomy.
read more on the event in Durban
Partnerships for urban sustainability
08.04.2019 - Cape Town
Together with the City of Cape Town (CoCT) and the Economic Development Partnership (EDP), KAS hosted the workshop “Partnering Think Tank for Urban Sustainability” in Cape Town. The objective of the workshop with participants from the City of Cape Town and external actors was to build capacity for effective partnering practices. The event explored how partnering can help to create a more sustainable city, to understand the perspectives of multiple stakeholders in the city of Cape Town, to learn about partnering values, principles and the capabilities needed to work together and, last but not least, to apply partnering tools to the challenges participants face in their daily work.
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2019 Election observation report
06.06.2019 - Durban
The Democracy Development Program (DDP) hosted a conference to analyse the election process and its aftermath. Not only were citizens invited to share their experience with political experts, but also the journey of the IEC in bringing together the General Elections was discussed and the Domestic Observer Mission Report was presented.
read more and download the observation report 
25 Years of South Africa´s constitutional transformation
06.06.2019 - Cape Town
KAS and the FW de Klerk Foundation jointly hosted an evening commemoration to celebrate not only the 25th anniversary of democracy in South Africa, but also the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the FW de Klerk Foundation. Topics addressed included reflections on the importance of a new constitutional order in times of transitions, South Africa´s constitutional transformation from a South African and international perspective and also an outlook to the future. 
read the report and speeches and watch the video
Sustainable development in the urban age
05.03.-07.03.2019 - Potchefstroom
KAS, together with the Chair in Cities, Law & Environmental Sustainability (CLES) of the North-West University (NWU) in cooperation with the Freie Universität Berlin held this international conference with experts in urban planning, inclusive development, environmental protection, academia, law and politics.
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Election post mortem
29.05.2019 - Cape Town
The significance of the election outcomes and new power structures, unpacking voter turnout and loss of accountability - these topics were central to the breakfast discussion hosted by KAS and its partner, the Centre for Constitutional Rights (CFCR).
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Forging a convention on crimes against humanity
21.02.2019 - Johannesburg
KAS, together with the Human Sciences and Research Council (HSRC), hosted this conference with high-ranking legal experts to jointly develop a strategy for designing this international convention. Presentations included topics such as complementarity and domestic prosecutions, contributions of African states, the prosecution of the crimes of apartheid and  genocide versus crimes against humanity.
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Ensuring free and fair elections in Africa
11.04.2019 - Johannesburg
Across the African continent, it is evident that electoral systems and their processes are under pressure. A number of devices have been adopted which seek to subvert the rules and conditions for free and fair elections. These actions have a detrimental impact on the health of democracy in these societies: It can lead, as in Kenya and Zimbabwe, to violence and a lingering sense of illegitimacy of the leadership as well as concomitant economic hardship. In this context, and with the South African elections just around the corner, the symposium of KAS and its partner SAIFAC examined the role of three key institutions – electoral commissions, the media and the courts.
Picture: Mozambique Commonwealth Observer Group 2014 by Commonwealth Secretariat / CC by NC-ND 2.0
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In the spirit of Ubuntu
22.02.& 05.04.2019 - Cape Town
The term Ubuntu is an African word for a universal concept describing a fair and compassionate approach to the collective respect for human dignity. In this context, KAS together with the Ubuntu Foundation, hosted two breakfast discussions. At the first event, Albie Sachs, a former constitutional court judge and anti-apartheid activist, spoke on 'Working with Madiba (Nelson Mandela) and Cyril Ramaphosa'. At the second, Bonang Mohale, a successful and award-winning CEO was invited as a speaker.
read more and see the media coverage
Annual KAS-SAIIA welcome meeting
01.03.2019 - Johannesburg
At the beginning of every new academic year, KAS hosts this gathering to introduce the new KAS-SAIIA scholars to the foundation and the teams from KAS and SAIIA. In this year, Thulani Maphasa from Johannesburg as well as Emma-Jane Fuller and the KAS-Fellow, Deon Cloete, from Cape Town were given a warm welcome. Emma has already published two research papers on environmental topics.
read more 
Launch of the Human Rights Report Card 2019
19.03.2019 - Cape Town
This year’s Human Rights Report Card marks the 10 year anniversary of the publication, which measures the realisation of human rights in South Africa for the past year. The launch was hosted by KAS together with its partner the Centre for Constitutional Rights (CFCR).
read more & download the Human Rights Report Card

Unpacking the State of the Nation Address 2019

19.02.2019 - Durban
The close KAS partner Democracy Development Programme (DDP) hosted this public forum with renowned political analyst, Aubrey Matshiqi for representatives of civil society on the contents of President Cyril Ramaphosa´s 2019 State of the Nation Address (SONA).
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Current and Upcoming Events
Anti-xenophobia seminar series
26.06.2019 - Gauteng
KAS and the South African Council of Churches in Gauteng have embarked on anti-xenophobia seminars in Gauteng. The delegates are community members and community leaders. The locations were selected because of past xenophobia attacks or underlying tones of xenophobia sentiments.
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Analysis of the election results
27.06.2019 - Cape Town
KAS, together with its partner the Center for Unity in Diversity (CUD), hosts this roundtable to analyze the Identity Politics drivers of the 2019 elections. The discussion will make reference to the first part of the series in March.
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Political summit on electoral accountability
10.-11.07.2019 - Durban
While it is critical to address our imminent electoral challenges, it is also important for civil society organisations to take the long view. The summit hosted by the KAS partner DDP will be attended by election stakeholders such as civil society organisations, representatives of election management bodies and politicians from across Africa. The event will speak to the state of electoral accountability in their respective home countries.
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Training on procurement law
15.-19.07. & 25.-29.11.2019 - Mpumalanga & Limpopo
The training series for the investigators from the Public Protector Offices in the provincial branches will be concluded in this year with seminars in Mpumalanga and Limpopo. The training is co-organised by the Head Office of the Public Protector in Pretoria and KAS. The design and facilitation of the seminars is done by the African Procurement Law Unit (University of Stellenbosch). 
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Annual KAS-SAIA careers evening
07.08.2019 - Johannesburg
This event hosted by KAS and SAIIA in Johannesburg, informs learners and students on what career opportunities a Humanities degree can open up. Students have the opportunity to meet potential employers and receive information about internships and scholarships. The event in Cape Town will take place in September.
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Community media promoting active citizenship
13.-14.08.2019 - Durban
Community media plays a critical role in educating citizens on many aspects of life, including democracy and nation building. The KAS partner Democracy Development Program (DDP) brings together content executives, academics and civil society to the 2019 inaugural media summit.
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Annual Frederik Zyl van Slabbert honorary lecture
19.08.2019 - Stellenbosch University
KAS, in cooperation with the Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert (FVZS) Institute for Student Leadership Development, cordially invites you to this annual conference, which always hosts well-known speakers on topcis of ethical leadership.
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Dialogues on faith and economics
August & September, Western Cape
KAS, the Ecumenical Foundation of South Africa (EFSA) and the Right Reverend Bishop Sipuka of Mthatha (and President of the Southern Africa Catholic Bishops' Conference) are hosting a dialogue series with experts and leaders from both business and churches to explore how South African role players create a new "social contract" that addresses social justice alongside or with government programmes.
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Strong Cities 2030 conference
13.-15.10.2019 - Johannesburg
The KAS network “Strong Cities 2030" ("SC2030") brings together young politicians and urban development experts from international metropolitan regions to share expertise and ideas and to jointly develop new approaches based on shared political values. The conference, which will be co-hosted by the City of Johannesburg, focuses on the theme "Inequality" and explores innovative approaches on how to overcome inequality in terms of spatial planning, modes of transport, economic opportunities and city governance.
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National church leaders consultation
28.-29.10.2019 - Western Cape
This consultation hosted by KAS and EFSA together with Reverend Archbishop Makgoba and other well-known church leaders, aims to bring representatives from a broad spectrum of churches and faith based organisations together. The participants will focus on the main challenges South Africa´s new democracy faces and will seek cooperation with strategic partners in government and business. The consultation aims to be inclusive by bringing on board all major church and faith leaders.
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Sub-Saharan Africa conference
Parliaments are key democratic institutions and play a crucial role in tackling a growing number of global challenges. 
Giving recognition to this fact, KAS hosted its first Sub-Saharan-Africa Conference in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, from 1-3 May.The event brought together parliamentarians from all over Africa and Europe in order to discuss the important role they play in fostering #AfricanDemocracy and prosperity.
read the report and watch the video of the German chancellor Angela Merkel 
New Project Manager for KAS in Cape Town
Christiaan Endres holds a Masters degree in Development Studies (London School of Economics), an Honours degree in Economics and a B.Com in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (University of Cape Town).  His working background underpins his open perspectives in both the private sector and international development. In business, he has worked in a multinational bank in the UK  but also run his own business in South Africa. His international development experience ranges from researching finance for the poor in multiple countries to promoting evidence-informed public policy in the fight against poverty. From April 2019, Christiaan will be based at the Cape Town KAS office as project manager. He looks forward to working with KAS partners in Cape Town and developing projects with a focus on Parliament and strengthening multi-party democracy.
see the contact details of the KAS Team
KAS-SAIIA Research scholarship programme 2020
The application for Master Students for the 2020 KAS-SAIIA scholarship programme is open!  This programme provides successful candidates with the opportunity of enrolling for a Masters degree by course work in the fields of International Relations, Development Studies, Political Science, Economics, Law or Journalism at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), while simultaneously working at SAIIA. Applications can be sent to Mrs Khetiwe Chitambira-Mude at SAIIA until the deadline of 2 September 2019.
read more on the application requirements
Strong Cities 2030 scholarship programme
In 2020, KAS in cooperation with the South African Research Chair in Cities, Law and Environmental Sustainability (CLES) will introduce the Strong Cities 2030 scholarship programme for eligible PhD students with research interests in the Strong Cities 2030 agenda.
read more on the application requirements
Democracy at crossroads: Book on elections
After the big success of the bestsellers "Zunami!" and "Election 2014", the brand new election book 2019 will be on the shelves at the bookstores in August 2019. With support from KAS South Africa and Jacana Media, Collete Schulz-Herzenberg and Roger Southall, experts on South African politics, edited this in-depth analysis of the 2019 elections, which expands on change and stability in South Africa`s democracy. KAS and its partners will host the book launch events on 19 August at Exclusive Books in Sandton (Johannesburg), on 21 August at Ikes Books in Florida Road (Durban) and on 22 August at Exclusive Books on Cavendish Square (Cape Town).
read more
Comparing migration experiences in South Africa & Germany
South Africa and Germany are continents apart and are also very different economically, yet they both dominate their respective regions. As a result, they are attractive destinations for all kinds of migrants, including refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants. Both countries have a long history of migration, but they have adopted significantly differentapproaches to managing migrants and have experienced different challenges and levels of success. 
This paper published by the KAS partner South African Institute of International Affairs is based on a research undertaken by the South African delegate Azwimpheleli Langalanga during a KAS study tour on migration to Germany in October 2017.
download the publication
On the future of Sub-Saharan Africa
This special edition of KAS International Reports was published in May 2019 and focuses on particular topics related to development on the African continent.
download the publication
Automation and the future of work
KAS and the Global Public Policy Institute analyse the future of work in the context of digitalisation in Sub-Saharan Africa.
download the publication
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